Introduction: the cups of life

I have been travelling in the last couple of years, either for work, study, visiting the family or just pure leisure. Throughout those travels and in every day life I encountered several situations, passed through some unique experiences, met all sorts of people from royalty to slumdogs. Each of these affected me some how and shaped the person I am right now.

I had amazing moments filled with laughs and tears of joy. Other moments I struggled and spent several sleepless nights. Travelled the globe, well at least 3 continents, got rejected, shot down, got injured, was misdiagnosed for cancer, had a surgery, nearly was about to lose functionality of my left leg, fell in love, got a broken heart, toured Europe, drove across a continent twice in the states, witnessed a revolution, ate Paella in Barcelona, Roasted Deer in Slovakia,  Calamares in Seville, Crabs in San Francisco and Sushi in New york. Learned how to flirt in Spanish, seduce in French, curse in Italian and say "I love you" in Swiss-German.

With all this happening I learned that sometimes you have to slow down your day, sit back and do nothing but enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee. This coffee taught me a lot, and through those cups I wanted to share those experiences with you whoever you may be. So here I post stories as an unorganized tale of life so you can read while having your daily cup of coffee. They are not ordered neither by place nor by date, they are simply triggered in my memory by something happening or someone I met through the day. So here you go, I hope you enjoy my cups of coffee.